Week 1

As soon as I started my GCSEs, I decided that I would work hard and go to one of the Top University’s for Psychology. My reason for Psychology being that it provides students with so many transferable skills, especially for a Marketing career. In my last year of sixth form, I heard about apprenticeships – getting a qualification while learning on the job. Perfect! Although it was a tough decision, I now know I made the correct one. Apprenticeships are only for ages 18-24 year olds, whereas you can go to University at whatever age. Also, by learning on the job I can earn money to save up and get a higher qualification at a later date. It sounded like the perfect idea to me. I applied for two apprenticeships and here I am, a Social Media Apprentices at Swanstaff Recruitment.

My first day at Swanstaff was amazing. I was so worried that I wouldn’t know what to do and would be stuck on my own to figure everything out. But it was the complete opposite! Danielle and Ellie were so welcoming and got me into training straight away. I started researching posts to put on Social Media and learning how to use the different software. By Tuesday, I was posting on Social Media and creating images using software’s I had never used before!

Then I found out that Friday, for Comic Relief, we were all dressing up as Disney characters and having a Mad Hatters party! I was so excited and straight away we were talking about what characters we could go as – the perfect ice breaker. By this point I had forgotten how nervous I initially was and felt I had known these people for months.

Every day I learn things I would never have imagined I would learn this quickly. Any question, however big or small, is answered without any feeling that I am being a nuisance. I couldn’t think of a better place to learn and work. I’m even more excited to see what next week will bring.

I can’t wait for Monday!


Ellie Ayse Danielle

Disney Day

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