Week 2

This week could possibly be my most exciting week of work yet! I have learnt so much! The fact that I am working and gaining a qualification at the same time may be the main benefit of an apprenticeship, but for me, working for such an exciting, growing company is great privilege. While I can’t deny that going to university must be an equally as exciting and amazing experience, this apprenticeship is definitely the right decision for me right now. I’ve picked up so many transferable skills in just two weeks, I can’t imagine how much I will gain in a year.

For example, on Monday I sat down with Danielle and we went through some ideas together for things do in the future on our Social Media pages. She then showed me various tools you can use on the Design Software we use, which was really interesting – especially as she actually taught herself! It was really uplifting to know that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

I also feel a greater part of the Swanstaff team – from joining in on conversations at lunch time, to the Training Team asking for my help on their presentations. This has really boosted my self-esteem and motivation to progress in the company and within myself.

There is so much going on every day that the learning doesn’t stop and neither do connections with new people. This week there was training meetings for Branch Managers, so there were a lot of staff from the various Swanstaff offices, which meant I got to make a lot of new connections and get an idea of what their job roles entail.

But the most exciting thing of all this week was… THIS BLOG! I was so excited to get this set up, I was bouncing all over the place! It’s a great space for me to share my week as an apprentice, and also something to look back on when I have completed my year as an apprentice, I hope it will be an inspiration for others who are looking to start their career too!

The wall2

The wall in progress…

the wall3

The finished masterpiece!

great place to work

It really is a great place to work!

THe Swan

Dining in ‘The Swan’ with lots of people… Could you get a better lunch?

See you next week!

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