Week 4

Can you believe I have been working here for almost a month?

This week has been a little hectic because we have 4 days off for the Easter Holiday – that means a lot of preparation for Social Media. Instead of getting stressed over the workload however, I have enjoyed it! I love creating and finding content to put on Social Media, so it wasn’t much hassle for me. I have also created e-flyers for branch staff, updated the Google+ profiles for each branch, added more pins and a new board to Pinterest and created training certificates.

On Wednesday – April Fools day – we had a few jokes! On Social Media, we created a job posting for a ‘Professional Sleeper’ and posted it on Twitter and Facebook! Internally, we told all the branch staff that we would be raising their work desks and getting rid of their chairs because it increases productivity.


Podtime! – Our “Professional Sleepers” Pod

I can’t explain what a joy it is to work for such a fantastic company – they know how to work hard but also to have fun at the same time! Especially within my role, there is a lot of enjoyable things we have to do – from coming up with ideas for April Fools Day with the HR team to creating and designing funny images when Zayn left One Direction and Jeremy Clarkson left Top Gear. It’s great being an apprentice at Swanstaff – learning, hard work and fun all at the same time. What more could you ask for?

Now we have a nice long weekend to enjoy! Have a fantastic Easter weekend. Relax, enjoy and continue job hunting. 

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