Week 9

After a lovely bank holiday weekend, instead of coming in with lots of do because of the extra day off, I didn’t. I had learnt from the previous bank holidays to get organised! So last week, I scheduled basic content to be going out over the weekend, bank holiday Monday and even Tuesday! It was nice to come in a bit more relaxed and get on with other important jobs which had to be completed on Tuesday, such as hot jobs emails, paper li and promoting the new Cambridge branch opening.

On Wednesday, we grouped together with the Talent team and Dartford branch for the first run of Ellie’s social media training presentation. This was interesting because I actually learnt a few things I didn’t know about various social media platforms, especially Google Plus.

In other news, next week I have my first assessment at college for my apprenticeship!! I am very nervous about this – as people usually are when they have exams coming up – but I am even more nervous because I feel like I am not prepared enough. It has come around so quick that I haven’t had time to properly prepare due to being busy at work and being ill myself! However, I have the weekend to read over my notes and re-familiarise myself with the content – and fingers crossed, the exam will go well!

don't stress be your best forget the rest

Wish me luck!

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